2022 2nd International Conference on Digital Economy, Management and Education (CDEME 2022)
Prof. Zhikai Wang


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Prof. Zhikai Wang
Zhejiang University, China


Digital economy and the high-quality growth of private firms in China


Digital economy has indeed penetrated into every corner of our social lives and production system, but we also see the fact that the successful ratio for the digital transformation of firms is far from satisfaction, the whole society in general is lacking of a better understanding of the digital economy. However, Zhejiang looks much like an exception. As a leading economy in China Zhejiang has pioneeringly been benefited from the tremendous development of its private economy. The firms clusters innovation, marketization innovation and firms-level independent innovation, these three paths were and are the innovation engines for Zhejiang economy. In additionally, and since the entry of the new millennium Zhejiang has been catching up the development opportunity of internet economy, and become the leader of the new economy. With that, Zhejiang implements new measures of the digital economy transition, innovating the specific markets with the new type of business e-commerce, stimulating the transformation of traditional manufacturing industry with digital technology and service, creating a sound business environment for the high-quality growth of private firms in China.

Keywords: digital economy; innovation path; high-quality growth; private firms; Zhejiang province


DR. Zhikai Wang, is a Professor of Economics and Ph.D. Supervisor, at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. In 1993 he became a civil servant and working for Jiangsu provincial government at the Development & Reform Commission, in Nanjing, for 10 years. In later 2002 he moved to the Zhejiang University. DR Wang now serves as the Deputy Director of the Centre for Research of Private Economy (CRPE), Zhejiang University; he is also the Head of Department of Public Finance, School of Economics, at ZJU. DR. Wang has published more than 100 pieces of articles in academic journals and 7 books, his publications include: The Singapore Economic Review, Special Issue on China Fiscal Policy, Vol.63, Number 4 (Guest Editors with Jinchuan Shi), World Scientific Press (2018); China Private Economic Development Report 1978-2017 (Editors, with Jinchuan Shi and Zibin Zhang) (in Chinese), Beijing: Economic Science Press(2018);  Rebalancing China’s Economy for Long Term Growth (in Chinese), Shanghai: Fudan Univ. Press (2016); Private Sector Development and Urbanization in China (in English), New York: Palgrave & Macmillan (2015); and etc.