2021 International Conference on Digital Economy, Management and Education
Prof. Shahryar Sorooshian


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Prof. Shahryar Sorooshian

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Saito University College,Malaysia

COVID-19 Pushes for Digitalization (case of tourism industry) 


Tourism has many economic advantages for the whole world. Since almost every segment of the tourism industry is currently in crisis as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, information and communication technology (ICT) is suggested to be involved to some extent. ICT-enabled digitalization is also expected to benefit the post-COVID-19 trend and norm. Tourism should expand its digital travel due to various pushes, respectless of industry clusters. In this analysis, digital travel is described as any virtual (computer-generated) and/or internet visit that reduces the need for physical transportation. As a consequence, the aim of this keynote is to address the readiness evaluation and change management for this shift. 

Research Area:

Industrial Management, Engineering Management, Management/Business Engineering

Research Experience:

Shahryar Sorooshian gained his BSc, MSc and PhD in industrial engineering. Most of his research and consultation works are related to engineering management, industrial management, and management/business engineering. He is now a full-time faculty with University of Gothenburg, and as an adjunct role with Saito university college. Prior to joining his current roles, he experienced working with some other international industries and universities. His research resulted in books and journals, and, conferences.